Another day another slogan tee

The first step to solving a problem is first to admit you have one… So hi, my name is Angela and I’ve bought about 25,000,000 slogan tees in the last 2 months.

Luckily for my bank balance that figure is a slight exaggeration but nevertheless, I have purchased A LOT. But a girl can’t have too many white t-shirts with red writing on, right? They have been everywhere on the high street lately, ranging from cute french phrases to even more powerful political statements. I love the effortlessness they give to any outfit, and how they can inject a bit of personality into your wardrobe basics.

I’ve been pairing mine with my topshop straight leg jeans and vans, but love the look of them tucked into skirts for nights out. Or for those brave enough, they look great with clashing prints and frilled skirts.

How are you wearing yours?